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Every step of your facial is customized and selectively curated for a results focused treatment.
All bespoke facials include a double cleanse, steam and extractions (if required), exfoliation, suitable facial massage, mask, and a professional range of skincare products. 

A multi-faceted hour facial including your choice of one facial enhancement best suited for your skin needs. Our aesthetic modalities allow you to dive deep into your skin health to ensure a cumulative skin boosting facial experience. Promote a healthy skin microbiome and hydrate your epidermal barrier with targeted ampoules and/or add a jelly mask to complete your rejuvenation facial. 

60 min | 200

The Aegis Hour II is a skin energizing facial that allows you to select two enhancements and a specialized treatment mask of your choice to target your skin concerns. Lift and tone with micro-current or detoxify and soothe the skin with our Oxygen dome, or just do both! An advanced and focused treatment to nourish your skin on all levels, balance and strengthen your skin barrier to reveal a brighter, vibrant complexion. 

75 min | 250

Essential Facial 

Ideal for all skin types, this hydrating facial can immediately refresh your skin and target your skin concerns such as dryness, dullness and boost your skin’s complexion. Gentle botanical enzymes will polish and liquify dead skin cells on the surface. Complete with a LED treatment and moisture lock mask, this treatment will leave your skin feeling clean and nourished.    

50 min | 150 


Suitable for most skin types, the Signature Facial uses hydrodermabrasion to thoroughly exfoliate impurities and dead skin cells whilst infusion serums saturate and polish the skin leaving a radiant glow. After a fresh clarification, modalities such as microcurrent may be used to focus on lifting and tightening.

The face is pampered with a soothing and calming hyaluronic mask packed with peptides and botanical stem cells to boost skin’s epidermal hydration. The Signature Facial offers essential antioxidants and nutrients to amplify skin nourishment during the treatment. A client favorite!

60 min | 200

Purification with oxygen facial

Also known as our K-Beauty Facial, the Purification with Oxygen Facial allows deep penetration of antioxidants with a cooling anion mist into the layers of your skin to promote active cell renewal. A gentle AHA peel with hydrating peptides can also assist in keeping the skin refined and replenished. This facial helps detoxify and purify the skin barrier whilst addressing common concerns such as dehydration, dull and uneven skin. Oxygen+Anion therapy inhibits bacterial growth and stimulates wound healing and thus highly benefits clients with inflammation and/or acneic skin. An ideal treatment for those looking for overall skin rejuvenation and balancing the skin’s natural microbiome.

60 min | 200


A non invasive alternative to micro-needling, the nutrient nano facial includes a cocktail ampoule with stem cells using patented technology; filled with vital nutrients and minerals to the skin using a nano-needling device. This nano device features the highest amount of mono crystalline silicones currently available in the market.

Painless, zero downtime, safe; the Nutrient Nano Facial offers a vital boost of transdermal delivery and efficacy of active ingredients to the face. 

60 min | 250


Dermaplaning is a non-invasive procedure that removes peach fuzz (vellus hair) and exfoliates the upper layers of the epidermis to reveal a smooth, glowing complexion. Hair does not grow back thicker, instead dermaplaning encourages new skin cell turnover and leaves your skin looking brighter and firmer, as well as being able to deliver deeper product absorption for your at home skincare routine.

60 min | 170


An ideal treatment for congested skin types, the Diamond Clarifying Facial applies diamond microdermabrasion or hydrodermabrasion to effectively cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Custom enzymes and skin boosters are followed to strengthen, hydrate the skin barrier and to balance the skin’s natural PH. Additional modalities such as the Oxygendome can be incorporated into this treatment to further inhibit bacteria and to promote a clear, nourished and balanced skin complexion.

60 min | 250


A revitalizing skin treatment, this Brightening and Tightening facial uses Ionto C to drive active antioxidants such as vitamin C, collagen stimulators (EGF), and amino acids deep into the outer layer of the skin. This helps target specific skin concerns such as fine lines, hyperpigmentation, dullness and uneven skin tone for a brighter and radiant complexion. Combining tightening and lifting modalities in this treatment can work cohesively to promote an increase in elastin and collagen production for brighter, tighter and youthful looking skin.

90 min | 300


The have-it-all facial for ultimate skin integrity. This all-encompassing treatment boosts your skin’s water retention, improves barrier function to strengthen, tone and refine your skin’s texture. AHA’s and Botanical enzymes activate cellular function whilst exfoliating the skin’s surface to reveal a smooth surface. This multi layer facial includes microcurrent lymphatic drainage to promote circulation and remove toxicity, as well as firming and lifting the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and aging. Oxygen + Anion therapy can also be used during this treatment for a comprehensive re-conditioning skin treatment. The perfect facial before a special occasion or just to pamper yourself with some much needed self care.

90 min | 350

 SPOTLESS facial

Say goodbye to congested skin; a specialized facial aimed at individuals struggling with problematic acne, frequent breakouts or oily skin feeling congested. This facial is designed to clear the skin by removing impurities, protect and nourish the acid mantle and reduce excessive oil production. Gentle enzymes will clear and exfoliate the surface, whilst a high frequency wand will increase oxygen to the skin creating an anti-bacterial barrier for skin to heal and prevent future blemishes. By combining effective facials with a comprehensive home-care regimen, skin will reveal a spotless complexion and a healthy skin barrier. 

60 min | 200


Zero downtime chemical peels stimulate a healthy cell renewal of the skin barrier. A blend of Retinoids or AHA peels best suited for your skin type will help exfoliate, balance texture, and minimize the appearance of pores.

Chemical peels can be a great powerhouse treatment for acneic skin types, as well as those who suffer from hyperpigmentation and/or acne scars. Best results can be seen in a series of treatments.

*Not available for first time clients

60 min | 200

 Gentleman facial

The Gentleman Facial is a targeted facial treatment focusing on cleansing, purifying and strengthening the skin barrier. Males have larger, more active sebaceous glands and are susceptible to having oily, congested skin. This multi-layered facial addresses specific skin needs that may include: shaving irritation, congested pores, sensitivity, and surface dryness. The Gentleman Facial Treatment is designed to restore the external balance of male skin types, improving appearance and elasticity whilst encouraging a healthy, strong skin barrier.

50 min | 150

For optimal long-term results, a package series of facial treatments are available*



Oxygendome + Anion Therapy


Ionto C


Scalp-Oxy Therapy




Chemical Peel 

Korean Bubble Peel

Alginate Mask

Skin Booster & Stem Cell

+ more

Keratin Lash Lift 

45 min | 100

Keratin Lash Lift + Lash Tint 

60 min | 140



Please view our Booking Policies when scheduling your service. ♡

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