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Portrait image of esthetician and owner, Karen Kang

Karen KANG

owner | licensed esthetician & skin care expert

Skin Aegis was established as a studio where clients can have all their skincare solutions tailored to their needs with the utmost care and attention in a calm and relaxing environment.

With my Korean background, I'm undoubtedly influenced by a culture heavily immersed in K-beauty, maintaining healthy skin and preventing signs of aging. Although growing up in Sydney, Australia where summers are filled with a desirable golden tan, the ideal standards of beauty were vastly different from the East. 

I've kept this "East meets West" approach to beauty and skincare treatments where there is no 'one size fits all'. The beauty of diversity is that everyone's skin is unique to their own. I truly believe this is the magic that keeps me constantly learning new methods and new technologies in this field to provide the best up-to-date knowledge and results for my clients.

When I'm not in the studio...

If it's not skin care, I like to fill my time outdoors.
Whether it's going to the beach, walking my dog with my husband or just grabbing a coffee and spending time with friends.
I love art, traveling, music, fashion. Anything creative sparks my attention and interest.
My favorite food is sushi, but I definitely won't hesitate to indulge in a good slice(s) of pizza too!

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